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SMART deck


All-in-one typed deck

SMART Deck Plate is an integrated deck plate that applied the technologies, such as welding strength improvement technology and pressing and fastening part technology, providing the benefits of concrete paste leakage prevention, maximum durability and ease of construction.

  • Quality

    1. High quality based on the latest facilities
    2. Concrete leak prevention technology
    3. Bottom steel without weld damage
  • Reliability

    1. Stable truss structure
    2. Truss foot shape for greater welding adhesion strength
  • Cost-Effectiveness

    1. Shortened construction period based on simplified process
    2. Reduce workload through simple construction process

Shape and section

Product configuration

  • LATTICE : Ø5~ Ø7
  • DECK PLATE : 0.5T galvanized plate(KS-SGC400)
  • TG TYPE SIZE : 600mmX1,200~6,000mm(WXL)
  • Applicable slab THK : 120mm~350mm
  • PITCH : 190mm~210mm
Specification SM1007 SM1008 SM1010 SM1207 SM1208 SM1210 SM1212 SM1307 SM1308 SM1310 SM1313 SM1410 SM1412
upper chord D10 D10 D10 D12 D12 D12 D12 D13 D13 D13 D13 D14 D14
lower chord D7 D8 D10 D7 D8 D10 D12 D7 D8 D10 D13 D10 D12
SLAB Thickness 120mm ~ 350mm

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