Creative skills and values

Factory overview and facility specifications


We will reciprocate the favor of our customers with highest quality based on the latest production facilities and strict quality assurance system.

SHINHAN CS has the factory, built in 2017 and furnished with the latest facilities, which is located in Judeok Agriculture and industry Complex and specializes in the manufacture of deck plates. We have built the stable production system with the latest production equipment and introduced the multi-stage inspection system and quality assurance and control system which has created a solid foundation for us to provide the highest quality products and evolve into the nation's largest manufacturing plant. SHINHAN CS will make constant efforts to transform itself into a global company based on relentless technological innovation, R&D, expansion of production facilities.

Factory introduction

Basic Status

  • 2017. 03 Established SHINHAN CS Co., Ltd.
  • 2017. 10 Completed the deck plate factory

Factory size

  • 7000m2
  • Office section(1), manufacture section(3), open-air storage yard, etc.

Prime product

  • Smart deck / Variable Removal deck / SH insulation deck / Strong Deck, etc.

View of inside and outside

Specifications of major production facilities

Facilities name Productive capacity Introduction year Memo
(Round steel wire )
Finishing Wire Speed: max 370m/min 2017.09
  • Truss Girde - Production of round steel wire materials
(Circular steel wire )
Finishing Wire Speed: max 400m/min 2017.09
  • Truss Girder - Production of circular steel wire materials
TRUSS GIRDER WELDING M/C Max Working Speed: 36m/min
upper.lower chord:7~16mm
  • TRUSS GIRDER - Automatic welding production facility
  • Latest high speed system
FORMING M/C Line speed: 20(18)m/min 2017.09
  • Deck plate galvanized plate molding facility
  • Patented galvanized plate molding
DECK PLATE WELDING M/C CAPA: 5m/min, Thickneas:0.5t 2017.09
  • TRUSS GIRDER and galvanized plate automatic welding equipment
  • Automatic product loading system